A fast/intermesdiate surfski for those who come from speed kayaking and wants to get out in the waves and be fast but are not yet ready for the "CX" or other pro boats and want to stand out from the crowd in a good looking Italian design boat and know how to value European quality of design and handcraft

The accessories (stitches and helm) are the same as the expert ski "CX", while the seat is large, comfortable and enveloping, making it fit to large and heavy paddlers. The shape of the hull gives it a remarkable agility between the waves and a great ease to start surfing. the empters are partially integrated in the hull to ensure a rapid emptying of the cockpit and good impact resistance.

Very generous volumes allow athletes over 80 kg. to get great performance with this hull that is able to withstand weights over 100kg. It is a hull with great performance and a strong vocation for the plantain.

Stability and speed indicators