Design derived from years of research and experience

matured in ten years of outrigger activity


new boat for weighing more than 70 kg. It's 642 cm long. the new cockpit with the seat seated on vertical walls gives it more sensitivity at sea. The volume around the legs has been minimized to reduce the space where you can stop the sea in the sea. The newer efficient empties empties the water that embarks in seconds with the least resistance. there are two attachments inside the leash cockpit. the love is adjustable vertically for adjusting the set according to the weight of the athlete and the sea conditions. the chassis system is integrated into the mud deck with an easy-to-use spring system, easily dismantled for maintenance. the seat runs on a rail which allows it to be adjusted according to the height of the athlete.


The seat, which is numerically controlled by anallergic expanded foam material, allows a good control of the canoe between the waves. The iakos are in anodized aluminum, the rudder cables are in spectra, so as to avoid possible oxidation and allowing easy adjustment of the vanes, thus obtaining maximum comfort. The newly conceived lover is very lightweight and innovative, has minimal impact strength and maximum buoyancy.


Race races of all kinds, excellent flat water speeds and excellent downwind performance.

Stability and speed indicators



642 cm


39 cm


Glass vacuum sandwich with carbon reinforcements kg 14 ama kg 2.2


Vacuum carbon sandwich 12 kg loves 1.8 kg