For experienced athletes who want to win and go fast, surprisingly stable and easy to conduct

Never in trouble even in the big sea. Winner of U23 European Championship in Alicante 2017

The CX was immediately distinguished by its technical features. For experienced athletes, but stable and easy to paddle, it is never in trouble even in the big sea. The project has been designed to give the athlete the ability to develop maximum power in the payee in all conditions, the goal that all the builders pursue in surfski design has been captured, the boat is never in trouble with any condition, fast in flat water, easy when the waves get down, allows you to focus on the paddock so you do not lose speed. The bow with generous volumes never suffers, without being too bulky. At the entrance point of the paddle, the boat is narrow, so as to allow fluid movement without banging in the deck. 

The comfortable but enveloping seat allows

you to have a good canoe control.

The floating line is very long, which gives

the canoe an excellent maximum speed.

The world-wide novelty is the seat-backed

footstool, with easy movement of a lever

at the front, moves easily forward or

backward, without having to adjust the

inclination of the blades that automatically

                                            position but which may be adjusted from seated. This exclusivity allows you to climb in the boat

                                            and find the ideal position for sitting, and very importantly you can change the position of the legs

                                            even during a race, a key component during the long races. At the first international level

                                            race with Mariano Bifano (picture) got the second placed only 30 seconds from the first (multiple

                                            world champion) leaving its opponents 5 minutes behind.

CX - the winner